New Ui and branding is actively hostile to Autistic and visually impaired individuals



  • kat 💫


  • Pax Penguina

    This!!! Glad I wasn’t The only one who is overstimulated by the new colors 😔

  • Shiro

    It causes me massive headaches.

  • Robert 🌈💛🌈

    Looking at the new colours literally makes me want to cry cause of how overstimulating they are :(

    I'm not gonna be using an app that makes me want to cry every time I use it...

  • DynCoder

    Can confirm, and the i in the logo just pisses me off


    Source: am autistic

  • DarkestShadow

    I’m not neurodivergent but I literally get double vision looking at the color, had to take the app off my homescreen, and have a hard times seeing the new color properly. I can’t imagine what you guys are going through if it’s this bad for me :( …literally hurts my eyes to use it.

  • ad-astra

    I noticed that Discord replied to someone’s concerns about accessibility with a feedback form. I filled it out already, so I hope others in do and share it with friends as well to let them know how inaccessible and garish the new colors, font, etc. are for users.

    Link to their tweet about it:
    Link to their Google form feedback itself:

    They claim accessibility is taken very seriously, so let’s be sure to inform them of how difficult these new changes are for people.


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