New branding is harmful – Discord, don't treat this as another change you can wait for people to adjust to.



  • feral


  • nes

    Just chiming in to say that's not an exaggeration - seeing that hideously saturated blue plastered over the entire screen is so painful to watch I need to close or avert my eyes. Deleted the iOS app until the change is reverted and am using the web interface with the old colors for now.

  • RainTempest

    This, honestly. I've used discord since it came out. And I never got headaches using it before this. But since they have changed the colors I've barely used discord due to the eyestrain. It makes it impossible to focus on other parts of the screen for me, and it gives me headaches. It's sad that they haven't listened for years when we say we want themes, I get BD exists but that is against ToS. Either revert to old colors, add themes, or people are gonna stop using discord. It's that simple.

  • Jade

    I am Autistic, and I have visual processing and other sensory issues.  I don't know how many of these threads I've chimed in on.  I keep getting told I should just adjust my monitor or use a third party client.  Like... what?  How is that an option?! They made the client hostile to me! It hurts!

    And you're telling me my options are to either just... not use it, or use a TOS breaking 3rd party app to get my color sensitivity options.  The hell is that?

  • Autumnmane

    You'd think if they actually had people with those issues as part of the team, they'd actually listen to them, right?

    Also Tumblr and Ravelry went through this exact same scenario just last year when they upped the saturation on their layouts, Discord could have saved themselves a lot of trouble if they just learned from others mistakes - high saturation causes eyestrain - people getting sore eyes and headaches are not going to continue using an app that hurts them to read.

    And believe me there are a lot of people with pre-existing conditions that are being affected by this, not to mention many more that might be fine right now, but the extra strain can and will take it's toll. Given how much time we look at screens these days, a low strain - visually accessible design should be a top priority for any app that wants to keep users, especially a text and communication app


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