New colors are migraine inducing



  • MoltenMagic

    II ARROWS Honestly, I just wish they would tone down the saturation on the new purple. It's really annoying to see the app on my phone or computer and instantly get a headache. They could easily fix this by adding a new low contrast theme or by changing the color altogether. They don't have to go back to the old purple, just a color that causes less eye-strain.

    I've heard that many dyslexic people are having trouble with the new font though, so maybe they should rework that as well. Anything from discord staff acknowledging accessibility concerns would be good too, as it seems like a lot of the complaints users have are falling on deaf ears.

  • Shiro

    I don't care much about the design of things, as much as I can't stand the over saturated colors giving me headaches. I cannot directly look at the new "blurple" without feeling like my eyes are about to pop. This includes the colors on the whites here on the forums. And indirectly reading things is very difficult, because I can still see it so excessively out of the corners of my eyes. It's so awful. I literally have trouble focusing on even typing this comment because of how in my face the colors are for me. Every color that is now oversaturated does that. The initial draw for me into Discord was the soft color palette. Please, I need an option to have the old colors. Keep the designs, whatever....but please I can't keep doing this to myself just to us a great piece of software.


    Yes, they are.

    The icon also sucks, the circle instead of the squircle is much worse, especially because of the number of notification icon, it's literally 1/3 of the size of the whole icon (24px diameter vs 14px diameter).

    What had you in mind?

  • rainbow

    It won't even let you change the icon in the taskbar, it replaces it with its own every time I've tried. If they won't either revert or add built-in color choices, they at least have to give us the ability to set the icon ourselves. And frankly the use of this color doesn't make any logical sense. Social media apps usually adopt colors that are as minimally offensive to the eyes as possible in order to maximize how much time people spend on them, and since Discord has nitro they have the extra incentive to hold our attention and convince us to purchase extra features.


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