• UGH Dany

    I completely agree with you, this new colour makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

    I still don't have the font update yet, and I hope I never will, because that font is awful, just by looking at the logo my eyes want to stop functioning properly.

    I don't understand why Discord would do such thing without asking the community what they thought about it..

    Changes that affect appearance and accessibility should be something the users should agree with, or at least let them not use the them and change the appearance locally..

  • ROX

    I also agree, PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD COLORS, this ones make my eyes hurt and distracts me a lot. Before I could have discord open on my second screen without problem, now even the corner of my eye catches glimpses of the chat bubbles and bothers me.

    I never thought this small changes would bother me, but omg it's real, I can't stand the new changes. I really thought the memes were exaggerating, but then I updated Discord and I wish there was a downgrade button.

    The color are okay for the webpage, for info-graphics or publicity, they are catchy, but definitely not for the chat bubbles. Also, please revert the fonts on the app and the logo! My user experience was destroyed by this update. :(

    I'm okay with Clyde outside the box, but miss the big smile :(

    Hope you listen to your community and revert some of the changes.

    Thanks <3

  • Jade

    People keep pushing alternative clients and I'm like... no.  I get it, but no.  TOS issues aside, that's beside the point.  I shouldn't have to go to a third party client to get accessibility considerations.

  • ROX

    @Nantes We aren´t talking about the background color, it's about the chat bubbles and many other stuff, and the contrast between the dark theme and the bright colors make it worse.

    Usually it less eyestrain inducing as you say, but never the less IS eyestrain inducing and that is already bad

  • UGH Dany

    Nantes is that.. a joke?

  • Helvetica 12Point

    I've noticed this isn't the only thread you've left a comment about getting dark mode on?
    Most of the people having an issue with the excessive saturation are probably already using dark mode, like myself. It looks like you're trying to help, but you obviously don't get the issue, which is that it's the oversaturated and too bright colors. Dark mode won't fix that.

  • Nantes

    @ROX @Helvetica I'm confused. They only changed the logo and branding outside the app, there were no changes to the contrast in the UI itself when you're using the app. The colors within the app are still the same as they were for at least a year, at least on my device after updating it to the latest version 74.10. Even the Discord logo that shows up as the app is loading up, which I fully expected to change to the new Clyde design with the burple background, is still the same old chat bubble with the old Clyde inside it, with a grey background (I'm on dark mode). So where does you guys' complaints come from?

  • Nantes

    ... no?

  • Nantes

    Have you tried dark mode? I find it much less eyestrain inducing than the white-based theme.


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