Let users keep stickers they bought for the lifetime of their account (as is stated in the Stickers FAQ)



  • Shayshon

    Personally, I wouldn't agree. You get your money back.... so you can spend that anywhere else you'd like. They're going to make the change regardless.. so I mean, would you rather they keep you money?


    Yes, that's why I bought it,

    If you buy a product that you're using and enjoying wouldn't you want to keep it rather than have the company take it back and give you you're money back?

    Aside from that, to me the bigger problem is that they had clearly stated that we would have it for the lifetime of our account, that it would not be a subscription service and that they wouldn't do refunds, and yet that's what they're doing. If they are willing to go back on their words that they had said not even half a year ago, what else are they going to be willing to do, maybe at some point they'll do something similar to this without refunding users their money

    If you tell your customers something and end up delivering something different, that's a problem. Even more so if you don't acknowledge it. There was no apology, or explanation (they stated that users wanted to upload custom stickers, but what does that have to do with refunding of existing stickers)


  • technicalleigh

    Congratulations, Discord. You gave me back $3, but now I know you're liars who go back on your word when you decide you want more money than you originally asked for. No way will you see money from me again, and hopefully you'll see me less and less on your servers as I find other places to chat with people. Hope it was worth it. [INSERT ANGRY HAMMIE STICKER]


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