New Banner Update



  • Rain

    I actually kinda like this change - however, I think it would have been nicer if they kept the avatar in the middle, the colors the same but then give us the option to change or give ourselves a banner where the solid color is. It's one of the only updates I'm kinda "meh" about, it's something that's been asked a long time and that's a nice quality of life update, but it's imo done a bit wrong. 

  • Mythyk

    I just clicked on a profile and saw this update for the first time - the high contrast doesn't help! All the old "good" colours seem to just break. And the higher the inevitable contrast, the worse it gets. The harder it is to even find colours that work. Please, can we go back to before all of these new, higher-contrast updates? Who knows if my eyes can handle this much longer.

  • Fumi

    honestly isn't even that bad lol I like it


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