Make it so there is no pfp cooldown for nitro users!



  • Henzo

    Hi im living in germany and im not rich or poor I like it to play video games and do other stuff. sometimes I want to eat and then im eating

  • astroaura

    Fair point Octoling but if you think about it nitro users pay for gif profile pictures and can use emojis. Either way no avatar cool down for everyone would be great but it’d be most realistic if it was for nitro users.

  • Mr. Walrusman

    Considering nitro users actually pay money to discord, I think they do deserve this privilege Octoling. It is not like regular users can't change their pfps anymore, they will just have the same cool down everyone has now whereas nitro users should be relieved of this limit. "Too unfair" is a stupid argument for something a simple feature like this, and the same could be said for basically any of nitro's features.

  • ! Veritify

    The reason why this is not in Discord is because, people who have selfbots(codes that login to their accounts) will then buy nitro and be able to use this. I am sure you have seen someone who changes their bio after a certain amount of time. It would make it like that, just worse.


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