Categories are no longer hidden when all channels contained within are muted (and the "Hide Muted Channels" option is enabled for the server)



  • Tom R.

    Yes! +1, I hope this gets reverted. I need to be able to hide categories.

    I contacted support today and was told this was intended behaviour. It was already the case on mobile.

  • Nicholas Steel

    As an example:

    On one of the servers I visit I've muted 14 categories and their channels, in the current design the categories I'm interested in are separated by large groups of categories I have zero interest in and it is a pain to navigate!

    Previously the undesired categories would be gone and only the categories I was interested were the only ones visible, making navigation simple.

    I can't imagine mobile phone & console users enjoying having to scroll past content they deem redundant to them either.

  • Nicholas Steel

    This seems to be resolved, thank you!


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