Discord Nitro Scams



  • tengri


    Please report scams in this link.
    You can add more, protection with using 2FA.


  • Al Dela Cruz Parts (Alto)

    I almost lost my account, only by luck tho, My google account also almost got hijacked my twitter and everything, I was really only upset that I had lesser friends in different websites I visit cause of that Nitro scam, as I said my account was almost hijacked it messed up my privacy, it makes different scams everywhere so I really want these scams gone. We need some bot to prevent others being hijacked and scammed, It's at an alarming rate, if we don't do anything right now.

    this will still continue, sorry but I also have an idea of a bot, a bot will tell if that is a hijacked account, or not.
    To ban them and tell them to 2FA their accounts just Like I did since. 
    Barrage of scams will enter discord servers right now, it was more insane than last.


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