New colours continue to give me headaches



  • Nuxze

    I really hope discord changes this shit back. I hate the new appearance.

  • Rheine

    I know this doesn't help you now, but I've temporarily disabled automatic updates for the app. Which sucks, because something in the last update has made my chat search totally unusable (it no longer takes me to the actual message, but somewhere kind of randomly adjacent to it? that's it's own separate issue though).

    I can only hope that maybe they'll finally speak up and actually fix this. I don't know how long I can get away with not updating the app, but at least it means that it's actually usable in the meantime - I really wish discord would acknowledge this issue instead of just pretending it will go away if they don't look at it for long enough. The new colors physically hurt.

  • Jade

    When it gets to the point they tell me that I must update in order to continue using the service? That’s the point I disable my account and walk away. I can’t use this product anymore.

  • krystl

    This is one of the many reasons why i downgraded on my phone and refuse to update indefinitely, if i could get my frienda to switch to matrix id uninstall discord right away

  • Avie

    I had automatic updates enabled not expecting it and bam, migraine fuel from one of my most used apps. Any suggestions for a different platform to use?

  • FlurryShy

    if you are on android you can find the older version on the discord reddit and side-load it onto your device.

    other than that there are some competitors that probably can't be named in this forum.

  • krystl

    Yes but sideloading isnt a permament solution (72.15 is the last usable version btw), its just a temporary one until discord decides to add a few useful features in new versions.

  • FlurryShy

    true. but unless they are reverting / changing the colors to something less harsh the only permanent solution is to leave the platform... so for now it is a solution to stay in touch with your friends on discord without getting headaches.

  • Droid

    They are not going to change anything back, but instead released another disgusting update to the appearance of the profile, now it looks as contrast print and loaded as the new logo.

    I genuinely hate these people-designers, artists, or whatever it is that's doing this new look of discord. I do not know what more I hate the new update or those who make it.

    But I want to say that we must fight, even if it is pointless!.. And remember... Inaction - is the recognition that we allow ourselves to be deprived of the right to choose...


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