IP-Address ID



  • Niklas

    Will never happen, one of discord top things is the anonynoumbs.asdpasjda you know what i mean.

    Storing IPs would make people be able to take people's IP.

    Even if you store it in letters, its just a question of time when someone is able to decrypt messages to ips

  • Torafugu

    Letting people, even bot developers, view others' IPs is very dangerous and can lead to mass doxxing if used incorrectly. Discord is best anonymous, and should stay that way. Just imagine how bad it would be if a hacker gained access to YOUR IP. They'd be able to connect to your devices and also find your location.

  • Anatoly

    You both misunderstood the point; the IP is not given to the client’s, only to the server.

    The server would generate a unique string for every IP and only this would be saved and sent to the client.

    This way the IP cannot be decrypted but alts can be detected.

  • Torafugu

    My point still stands. If Discord was to implement that, it would give something similar to "member.ip". So if an argument was set to run every time a member joins a server, a malicious bot could just grab everyone's IP. I wasn't saying that YOU were going to use it maliciously, I was just stating that there could be bot developers with malicious intent.

  • Anatoly

    @torafugu +1, valid point, the bot would be able to see two accounts for one person. But isn’t Mee technically already knowing in what servers you are in? It could be information sent only to bot applications that verify on discord, as an option, and only in servers where the bot itself is an admin.

    But I’m quite loving that you are compromise searching. I’m on a server where one person managed to sneak in 5 alts which is a complete no-go, it would be at least great for server owners to know which users have more alts? Something like an alt detection, what do you think?

  • JDJG Inc. Official

    Probably not a good idea, as anyway to identify ip addresses could be abused, unless this was really secure, then well generally not a good idea. or someone could just use a tor workaround, on the same PC.


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