LOVE the 'About Me' Beta!



  • Fhazii

    I can agree.

  • Apelta

    Discord probably appreciates the feedback, so I'll give them some to work with. Apparently my account has the ability to use the About Me tab, and really it's better than I thought for a beta feature. The URL support is also great as I can link to my github and such while being convenient. I would just be wary as it looks like at this time you can add any number of newlines so that might make the about be tab be huge.

  • YaBoiUgi.exe

    I really appreciate Discord adding more profile customization, although how do I get this About me feature?


  • Honesty

    for some reason mine disappeared when I got nitro lmao

  • Isicistic

    It sucks its limited to a small lucked amount, will it make its way to the PTB soon?


  • 1kck

    how can I get it?

  • Rocky~

    1kck the feature is currently in a seemingly randomly-selected beta trial they have let some users have access to

    I didn't apply or anything, i just got onto the app one day and there were little boxes saying "Hey, you now can add a description about yourself"

    Nitro Users can also add a profile banner- but I do not have nitro

    Included is a picture of what you'll see in User Settings> My account  if they have given you access to the beta

  • Toaster Oven

    Do you know how many people go this beta?

    I got it and a friend asked how he would get it and I was just wondering

  • Mini_2327

    Ayo my friend got the new update and he's bragging xd

  • King Poseidon

    Im SO JELLLLLLY of the people that have it. Q.Q

  • K-T-P

    How can I exactly sign in ? I searched everywhere I can't find a way to sign myself for the beta I was only able to download the PTB.

  • ! Ŧ☢П¥ 〢

    I got in my alt account, but in the main account in which i have nitro , I didn't got lmao !

    Can anyone pls tell me any way how to get this feature

  • DJ Cheng Ching

    YAY. I think im lucky cuz I got it. Im just thinking how many got it cuz how frickin lucky i was to get it?

  • Rocky~

    As i said before, most of discord's betas even in the past are all based off of a completely random selection.

    The fact that it is in beta means that it will soon be something everyone will have! 😀

  • Yura331

    DJ Cheng Ching i got it aswell

  • nGameSTALkER

    guys i got too that feature and i bought nitro to set custom bg

    but after buying nitro thats gone... what i need do to return it?

  • Enderboyscool


  • stink

    That happen to me 6 days ago but now I have the about me section again :P it randomly came back, my friend also has it now

  • ł₵ɆⱫ₳₱₱ɆⱤ₴

    I have got it , bt ....... it doesnt work whenever i add the pfp banner it gets removed same with the about me feature ,plz fix this...

  • Xenon

    I have it, I can say that it's only a second status message which just stays there forever.

  • ilko_bbg

    I have nitro but cant use the about me features

  • Xenon

    game_shoIplays you don't get the about me feature by having nitro, you need to be a beta user and you have to be the lucky ones.

  • Aru207

    I really want the beta version @Rocky~, Please there must be a way that we could get it too, i've tried the PTB, Alpha and the stable discord modes, none have it...


  • Brostro

    Something I found really funny about this feature, this is actually something I requested to be added a long time ago, maybe 2 years ago? Everyone disliked my idea. And all of a sudden, its back again.

  • Wolf.

    to be honest, I don't really like the idea of it being chosen at random. You'll have people really wanting to beta test and try updates and give positive feedback who have not been given the update, and than you'll have people who don't really care, or use it but don't give feedback, or who don't like the update and want to use the original discord. Honestly I really dislike how discord did this beta test as it wasn't the smartest option for them to take. Hopefully it'll be improved in the future.

  • 3rd Wheel

    by the way, if you see that your banner disappears with your nitro, it's like a custom tag. once your nitro runs out, you don't have your custom tag or banner. it says "and if you have nitro, a banner." thought you guys might wanna know.

  • Ridiculous_Raz

    Really wanna add photos to my about me Discord

    Make this happen!

    Maybe Add A Discord Toolkit Tab For Devs???


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