A bot has my access token and sending random message to my friends



  • Heistomega

    The same thing happened to me yesterday and when I managed to recover the account they disabled it in minutes I tried to write to them by gmail from support and they told me they were going to do something but that was more than 10 hours ago and I still don't know anything about the account./A mí me pasó lo mismo ayer y cuando logré recuperar la cuenta la deshabilitaron en minutos traté de escribirles por gmail desde soporte y me dijeron que iban a hacer algo pero eso fue hace más de 10 horas y yo todavía no sé nada de la cuenta.

  • Beatrice ▽

    Hello there,

    You can make your report notification from the https://dis.gd/report section, they cannot provide instant support from here.

    Hopefully your problem will be solved as soon as possible

    Best Regards,

  • Beastie

    There is a easy solution to this. 

    1: You can try resetting the password of the account. When you reset your password you're token changes

    2: You can turn 2FA on. Because when someone has your token but you got 2FA not only does the token change once 2FA is on but it also makes the token impossible to login to.


    Edit: You also may be RAT'd or Key logged. 

  • ♥Alice♥

    I have 2fa and they somehow made it so none of the password change things work

    When you password change in discord, it requires a backup key, but none of the keys work, they've made it so it gives me null keys or invalidates my keys.... and they're trying to send the script to other users too on my account and I'm freaking out over all of this, I can't change my own password because they did something and now wtf am I to do?

  • mullerjeffery4

    I try sending messages to my friend but it's not going through don't know why


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