Boost Role Colour Is Forced On Boosters



  • Andy

    That could be an option, but it's less likely that people don't want to be recognised as a booster. You might just have to, unfortunately, suck it up. It's just a name colour and not the end of the world. Server Owners can determine the hierarchy of if the role colour is used or not by role hoisting.

  • Giuli

    dont cry

  • eetstomoch

    Server roles are organized by hierarchy, with the explicit exclusion of the server-booster role. Its color is always assigned to the user, regardless of the place it has in the hierarchy. This is either a bug due to a hacky implementation, or an attempt to make more money... somehow.

    Year old post, but still the first Google result.

  • Krys

    ^The server owner can change the color of the role to default and your chosen color role will show. if you don't want to change the color of the booster role, you can put the booster role below all your color roles and it'll stop displaying pink. and if the "display role members separately from online members" is turned off for your color roles, and it's on for the booster role, it will still display where you want.


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