Discord Epic games nitro Confusion Please read it is glitched for my friend He has never had nitro so it should work for him



  • Abdulla

    Hello, Im glad to help you

    You Friend Must atleast 3 - 6 month since he signed up on discord and shouldn't had a nitro before 😊

    if that not help you can contact support team


  • Abdulla

    Notices : If you friend getting nitro from epic games must use credit card or paypal too they will not charge for 3 month but after 3 month they will charge 10$ so let him know to cancel subscription before its end 3 day*

  • Yuji Itadori

    Estão falando que vai encerrer o nitro porque esta tendo muitas "perdas de dinheiro", é verídico?


  • MasterZayaan™

    You don't redeem this Nitro link from within Discord. You'll need to open the link in your WEB BROWSER and try again.

    Hope this helps!


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