• Apollo

    Hey theXking_,

    The badge is nice, but the simple ones don't matter much. Because it doesn't make any sense as it will happen to most people. Rare badges make sense. I support.

    Best wishes, regards

  • whoisflame

    I'm gonna say my opinions on your suggestions of badges, and say if these badges will be good and should've be added or not.


    -message 10 friends. (No, that's too easy)

    -meet a new person! (No, that's also easy)

    -use discords stream add-on. (Seems easy but that probably would be something)

    -choose a hype squad (Nope, that's too easyy)

    -make a group with your friends! (Nope)

    -stay in a voice chat for more than 10 minutes. (I guess that could be something that would've get accepted)

    -join more than 10 servers! (No, it's easy. If it was like join 50-100 servers, then yeah)

    -join more than 20 servers! (No)

    -join more than 30 servers! (no)

    -friend a person who is in at least 5 mutual servers with you. (That wouldn't be too easy, so sure)

    -play a game to show it off to your friends! (Eh, i don't think it's that hard)

    -have discord for 4 months (I approve only 1-2-3-4-5 years badges, but not the 4 months)

    -have discord for a year (yes)

    -have discord for 2 years (Yes)

    -have discord for 3 years (Sure)

    -have discord for 4 years (Yeah)

    -have discord for 5 years (YEAHH)

    -be the man of the OGs. (be on discord for 6 years) (YEHAHAHAHAHA)

    -be in a server with more than 100 people (Nope, too easy)

    -be in a server with more than 1,000 people (Nope, still easy)

    -be in a server with more than 2,000 people (no)

    -be in a server with more than 3,000 people (noo)

    -be in a server with more than 4,000 people (No)

    -be in a server with more than 5,000 people (Nah)

    -be in a server with more than 6,000 people (n0)

    -be in a server with more than 7,000 people (just no)

    -be in a server with more than 8,000 people (N O)

    -its over 9,000..!!! (be in a server with 9,001 people) (n o)

    -be in a server with 10,000 people. (n a h)

    -own a server with 50+ members (Yes, that's not too easy)

    -own a server with 100+ members (Sure)

    -own a server with 1,000+ members (Yeahh)

    -own a server with 2,000+ members (Yes, yes)

    -own a server with 3,000+ members (Mhmm)

    -own a server with 4,000+ members (Sure, man)

    -own a server with 5,000+ members (Y E S)

    -own a server with 6,000+ members (Y E A H)

    -own a server with 7,000+ members (hell yes)

    -own a server with 8,000+ members (YESSIR)

    -own a server with !9,000!+ members (Y E S S I R)

    -own a server with 10,000+ members (Yes and yes, that would be kinda hard to get)

    - meet an admin of discord! (What do u mean ''meet''? You mean do a call or talk with him?)

    -get the Wumpus badge! (say "Wumpus" in any kind of chatting way) (No, it's easy)

    -add key binds to your discord layout (Sure i guess)

    -you found the banana! (get the secret banana in the search bar after failing) (Yes, banana is actually easter egg)

    -change your username! (Nope, it's easy)

    -oooo nitro.. (get nitro) (Ok i guess)

  • Xking

    @whoisflame first of all when you said "what do you mean by "meet"? You mean do a call or talk with one?" I didn't really know what I meant by that so I guess I'll remove it, thanks for the feedback though!

  • razz

    I think a badge like this could be good with an evolution system like Steam in your community badge, the problem is there would be too many tutorials teaching you how to max out etc. which would make it very common and useless, but the idea is good

    steam community badge

  • xXSValhallaSXx

    Great Idea! Now how to get the admins to see it...


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