New color stil giving people headaches but apparently y'all don't give a shit about the community



  • FlurryShy

    I am somewhat certain that no one is actively monitoring this forum (anymore).
    Have not seen any official response recently and there is a post that I have made that is now more than 15 days in "pending approval"...

    It would be funny if it wasn't sad that you get directed here via Google play store / twitter and such to give "feedback"... that will seemingly never get heard.

  • Gumiennik

    i don't event know what colour this website is, my phone is switched to greyscale, that makes discord app bearable headache-wise, tho the font is still barely readable

  • FlurryShy

    it's the same eye-bleed-blue so be glad your phone is switched to greyscale.

    that pending approval post of mine? sitting at 4 months waiting for approval now... discord does indeed not care about their userbase... or feedback.


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