Change the restrictions on IOS from 17+ back to 13+



  • Sebby

    I’m 50/50 on this. Yes, discord is intended for use of everyone over the age of 13. However, it lacks a lot of security in some ways. I’ve gotten a crap ton of creepy messages, IP leaks etc on the platform. Young kids shouldn’t be exposed to stuff like this. But, on the positive side yes, technically by the rules and discord guidance the program is intended for users 13+, although I’m sure the reason it’s listed for adult use on the App Store is because discord wants your parents permission to use their application.

  • JocksonReturns

    Well Sebby, I understand the part where you said that getting creepy stuff and parental permission is why it’s 17+, but it’s safe to say that teenagers whom are 13+ have the common sense to block them or even report them to Trust and Safety. Discord hasn’t mentioned anything of parental permission of using the app. So if they change it to 13+, then there could be more downloads and ratings would increase as Discord is intended for teens and above.

  • smallfortune

    I think it has to be flagged as 17+ because you can also have nsfw channels, which you - as a person underage - can just access with a simple click without real verification. I assume it has been made 17+ so they can stay in the app store, same kind of thing as with tumblr a few years ago.


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