Discord Nitro cancelled 3 months ago, but still being charged. Refund please.



  • MooCat

    By fixed I mean refund but also fix the damned bug in your cancel button.

    This should not happen. When you click cancel and it shows cancelled, that is it, it is CANCELLED. You cannot just reinstate it as you wish because you simply have my credit card stored.

    I trusted you with my credit card and you screwed me at a REALLY bad time. This is a mess.

  • MooCat

    I am just done with Discord Nitro for good. This royally pissed me off.

    I refuse to buy Nitro ever again even when my homelessness issue is resolved.

    I recommend others avoid Nitro until this cancellation bug is fixed. I would advise against others storing their credit card inside your app as you seem to help yourselves to it. This is supposed to be stored there for ME to control, and ME alone. You have no right to resume purchases when I have cancelled them.

    I am done with Nitro for good. Good day.

  • DBZ

    i just read the title and i have sloution for u try to cancel the nitro and delete the payment 

  • Flitzofy

    DBZ. He already explained that the cancel button never worked.

    And also, Moo. You should contact support for this and your bank to sort things out. If this continues, I recommend taking legal actions against this.


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