Let me keep my voice settings



  • Kyonax

    I don't know why you are so complaining, a better app than Discord? are you serious, just for personalization whims? | Discord has the most stable platform right now, for voice and seriously for communities, just take a break, not all the features have to be personalizable. Step by step, Discord does an excellent job, and also has the best community.

  • Stormless

    Kyonax - I think your reply was to original poster, however, the core features of the app are broken for some people at the moment which makes the app very difficult to use. I can understand the frustration and at least he's speaking up about it rather than moving to a different program.

    I am using Discord every day at the moment and having to re-adjust all my settings every time I open the app and join a call. I run events and tournaments so it's really problematic if the app is working this way. 

  • magma


    My frustration is a bit more than just "personal whims" it's been a gradual problem I've had with Discord for the past 3 or so years. With every new update comes a constant new inconvenience to re-adapt to when older design choices were easier and better. They have the nitro gift and image option instead of just image posting as it was originally. And before the nitro gifting, not only were the button order replaced but it was for the camera option, something you can literally do on the image option. Having to get used to having 2 buttons making texting or sending images disorganized especially when because there's 2 buttons they literally have to hide it via a tab was stupid enough, but then having to relearn which button was image posting when they replaced it with nitro gifting, the most unnecessary button in the world, where the image button initially was is very frustrating.

    But then the update with the shit redesign came in and everything about the new font and colors aside, I could've lived with it had they not just replaced the way I can try to find images on Discord, using a completely disorganized system on my phone over what it was originally.

    And now this.

    You can't tell me that any of these features were necessary to have or to change when all they've done is actively inconvenience me and many other people who I've seen have the same feelings. But nothing that's ever been left as feedback has actually changed anything because Discord literally doesn't listen. That's why I wanna know if there's a better app out there, because I'm tired of these inconveniences that all continue to stack up while the majority of the users actively disagree with changes being made, leave feedback such as this and nothing changes.

    Personalization whims is a bigger deal than you may think for some people. I mean, is it truly that ridiculous to want a way to customize and enjoy an app the way that fits you best?


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