Please add an option to change the blurple back to a less saturated one.



  • Zutsutsu

    Agreed! The blurple does not look good with the brightness and saturation on my monitors. It is also giving me eye strain, and I also have to actively avoid looking at chat groups for too long.

  • Isoi

    Ignoring the hate band wagon, the new blurple just doesn't work well with any of the grays discord uses. It just causes text in front of it and sliders that use it to be visually unappealing. I have to say, yes all the other changes aren't bad and once I got used to them I actually started to like them. I just hope that'll also happen with the color but it's sure taking longer. Maybe I'll look up how Discord modifications work due to it some day.

  • TB-303

    For those wearing glasses, it also tends to induce chromatic aberration. The new blurple's too saturated for my tastes. and it's constantly screaming out for attention.

  • Zutsutsu

    That's a good reminder TB-303. I often forget that my astigmatism may be making the issue worse. I don't dislike the majority of the design changes, the blurple just gives me headaches/eye strain regardless of it being on a dark or light background.

  • Диспетчер

    I agree.

    Don't know what the hell the UI team was thinking. Don't force colors on us, give us an option to chose, or at least chose between the new and old update.

  • mariamegale

    Yes please! I wanna be clear, to make sure this doesn't get swept under the "general whining about the rebrand" rug, that I don't have a problem with the new icon or anything. Not even the new colour! If it could just be desaturated a little bit.

    I have issues with eye strain, and the dark grey/pale blurple combo of the old brand was really soothing for me. This new blue just stands out too much, and the stark contrast (especially compared to the earlier, mellow blurple) is causing me quite a lot of strain.

    I have a mac, and the problem persists whether or not Night Mode is turned on. If an accessibility setting was implemented to reduce the contrast, I'd be incredibly thankful! <3

  • Jade

    @tb-303 I get the chromatic aberration without glasses on in my left eye.  They also gave us a 'fix', in the form of a slider, but the slider literally just puts a desaturation mask on the whole application instead of letting us focus on the problem colors.

  • Howard5984

    Totally agreed,

    The saturation slider in discord options isn't a solution as it makes every other colour besides the blurple also look really desaturated.




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