username change is bad as expected



  • Xiutecuhtli

    like everyone i know is struggling to find a close version of their original name that is not like annoyingly filled with numbers or random letters or misspellings or something. they can't just be their own name.

    The change literally does the opposite of its stated goal

  • Xiutecuhtli

    People whose names are combinations of words will probably have their names taken by like automatic dictionary-coverers.  That will include like a lot of people.  

  • Aiz

    This change was terrible for a number of reasons. And the discriminators actually made remembering your username *easier*. Now you have to remember what ever else random clutter you have to add to your usual username because someone snagged yours before you could get it. The ONLY thing that should have been removed is the case sensitivity for usernames so people like aiz#0001 wouldn't be receiving friend requests for Aiz#0001 or vice versa. 

  • ChopBlock223

    The minute problems of the discriminators not being entirely clear at a glance could so easily have been solved by plain having the account name in one field, and the discriminator number in a separate one, with a little tooltip you hover over or tap on and it tells you what it means.

    The problem of running out of discriminators for certain names is as simple as just increasing the numeral range, name#000000 is future proof enough, or maybe just add two uppercase letters at the end, that's a lot more characters than numbers.

  • the.chris

    I wholehearditly agree with this i have been holding the name chriz#0001 for over 4 years now and now I lose this name due to this change even though i supported discord development with nitro for that time period. I just feel like this is a kick in the balls for everyone who supported discord and now lost their favourite name!

  • icywind177

    Bro, why does all my friends still have their discord tag but I don’t. Wtf bro

  • piece 3

    I wrote a whole complaint email to discord about this and they replied with "upvote the feedback at" and "im sorry we dont have a workaround for you"
    i was so mad.


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