New name system is a shame, useless and frustrating. Huge regression.



  • Kram

    True, I never came here to write anything but this time I had to.
    What were you even thinking, even if the important name is the display name, what was the issue with 4 numbers? You had to share the numbers only when adding new friends. Now I'll have to be  xx_bob69 instead of bob because every other combination is taken. While everyone before was on the same level of comfort (or discomfort, according to Discord) with sharing their info, now the majority will have this weird name made with dashes and underscores, coming straight from 2009 CoD lobbies. 

  • Linksta35

    I too have never visited the discord support page until now. This new username update is a sad abomination. I can't find any of the usernames I have used and I refuse to use numbers. People don't need to @Link123456 me. Just let me have @link again.

  • Cerasum92

    Yep, I came here before they actually changed it and only said they wanted to do that. So many people were against it, I don't think there was even a single user supporting this weird name change. Discord is still good... for now. But since they don't seem to have any respect for their users I am reconsidering ever supporting them financially. This makes nothing easier and actually way harder.


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