New Username System



  • Whittall

    Or the fact that bots are going to suck up all of the names.

    There are tons of inactive old accounts that are being used right now to steal names and resell. here is the proof.

    Discord are stupid as hell. Blizzard created the 4 digit system to make things easier for people to create usernames and find eachother and now we're going to go back to using underscores and other stupid methods to get our name. Amazing.

    Thanks for the garbage, discord! Hopefully it crumbles like all the other VOIP services and another reigns supreme.

  • pariss

    This is exactly why we shouldn’t have this system!! People are going to exploit it for money and overall it’s going to be even more difficult to find people. Additionally most of the time when people want to add each other on Discord they’re either in a mutual server, have a different way of communicating to send the usernames, etc. These new usernames would just make everything more complicated, and what would be the purpose of nitro if we can’t have our own discriminator?


    you guys are so right. hey discord, other people are getting money, and you're not! go back on this dumb ass decision!

  • Many-Bees

    It's honestly baffling. The only reasons I can think of is clueless executives somehow thinking it'll boost shareholder profits or people making unnecessary changes in order to justify the existence of their own jobs.

  • Gerbo

    the username change doesn't make sense to me either, the discriminators are way better.


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