Newer Accounts Changing Usernames Earlier?



  • Specty

    Sorry, but you have to pay them to be first in order. Thats how it works.

  • Asphxyis

    I bought Discord Nitro for 16 months and I am still a subscriber.

  • vetaley

    Dude, the Wave 11 was for Free users January 2017. That wave happened like 22 hours ago. I am April 2017 and still don't have an access to change my username. What's sad about it, is that I used discord nitro for years since they was giving away free games for nitro, by because I didn't buy Nitro before March 1, I can't get my username. Discord don't care how much I Gave them earlier. Because of that, I am never going to buy Nitro any again and some of my friends too, that includes at least 6 people in my community.


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