More server notification settings (NEED MORE OPTIONS)



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    4 years ago
    This is of vital importance to me and many others.
    Anyone with a sizable community unfortunately needs to stay on do not disturb mode to stay sane.

    But this presents us with a HUGE and terrible problem - we can't get notified when we are ACTUALLY needed. Users have no respect for owners of communities and will ping without hesitation with the most ridiculous of reasons, expecting an immediate answer.(And 9 times out of 10, a staff member would have been able to solve it quickly rather than me getting pinged for it)

    I rely on that little red icon to know when I'm needed for something actually important

    It makes it impossible to have a level of staff being able to reach me easier, as well as irl friends. Which is really difficult for me as a game dev. The only solution at the moment, is to have a separate account where staff can reach me. Which is a really poor solution.

    It's not just me, just ask any youtuber, game dev, etc. They all have to stay in a perpetual state of do not disturb, and are unable to rely on pings for emergencies.

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