sound problem can anyone help me



  • Ariel hotbunny69bone

    Hi gout my name is Ariel if you want you can call me I think I know what you can do my number is 831-356-3712

  • Natasha Oslen

    Looking to set a Travis Scott song as your phone ringtone? Here's how:

    For Android:

    1. Download the Travis Scott song.
    2. Open Settings > Sound.
    3. Find "Phone ringtone" or "Default ringtone."
    4. Choose the song or use "Add ringtone" if needed.
    5. Save and test the ringtone.

    For iOS:

    1. Download the Travis Scott song.
    2. Add it to iTunes and create a shortened version.
    3. Change the file extension to .m4r.
    4. Sync it to your iPhone via iTunes.
    5. On iPhone, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics.
    6. Select the song under "Ringtone."
    7. Test the new ringtone.

    Remember, keep it personal and within copyright rules. Enjoy your Travis Scott ringtone!

  • julianap

    You can download more Travis Scott ringtones at the website

  • Penny Palmer



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