Why is my account disabled



  • AShinyKupo

    im glad im not the only person this happen to but i made a back up accounts  just i case this happens i still havent gotten my account back



  • Maurog

    Same happened to me, trying to get anyone to pay attention for 10 days now, no answers at all.

    Still don't know why they disabled it, and doesn't seem like anyone even reads any of these tickets.

  • Noiananass

    my account also got disabled for no reason at all, I got no email telling me why, and the Discord support team is just completely ignoring me.

  • AShinyKupo

    bros same this support team is really slipping im ready to leave discord completely if they dont resolve this


  • AShinyKupo

    honesly guys we should spread the msg around every forum untill someone answers us i dont want lose my account that been around since 2017 



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