[SUGGESTION] Open some of shop to non-Nitro users/Nitro profile perks



  • Windah Basudara ☑



  • Cnestus Mutilatus

    My point still stands even with this new shop discount update. I would love to buy something, but I'm absolutely not paying a subscription fee on top of the base price for it.

    Maybe have the base price available for everyone, and discounted prices for Nitro Premium users.

  • Brumbpo

    I just got the free nitro for two weeks and I was absolutely flabbergasted at the fact that one has to PAY for a subscription in order to be able to access a store! 

    This does not entice me to actually purchase nitro at all. I agree with OP, open that stuff up for the normies. Who in their right mind would pay for a subscription just so they are allowed to purchase a silly little graphic? What a strange way of gatekeeping.

  • -Unit_108-

    Oh to layer it on further, the prices for these little things are absurd themselves, I am stupid enough to be paying nitro and spending nearly $50 on server boosts as well, and it is insulting that it gets me the privilege to pay MORE.


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