Is discord dying?



  • Ruth Arendse

    It appears that my comments regarding "Sassa Status Check" are being replicated by others solely for the purpose of sharing the link. Originality is valued, and I encourage genuine engagement rather than duplicating content for external Sassa links.

  • DT OB

    Um, those servers are basically communities or groups, not relevant to the company or chat app itself. I would try to find servers that have people that like to hear themselves. I don't know what activity, engagement, or affection you seek.

    I don't know how you would measure “Discord” dying from only 20 servers. The user count is irrelevant, your data set, and stats are bad.

    For reference: In 2022, Discord annual revenue amounted to $220 Million approx from its paid subscriptions. Discord paid users count at 1 million approximately until 2020. $15 billion is the estimated Discord net worth as of Feb 2023. Discord demographics – 79.46% of discord users are male and the other 20.54% are female.


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