Threads/forums forcibly auto-hiding after a week renders the feature completely useless for neurodivergents with ADHD and focus issues


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  • yay yay

    Literally!! This is why there are barely any threads in my friends' server, because the only active ones are image or text storages; I only remember those 1-3 threads when I have to put something in there or fish something out. My friends have made their own threads but everyone often forget those exist and aren't notified of new messages because they haven't added themselves to said threads. 
    The reason threads were added as a feature was to declutter unwanted channels, but what is the point when it ceases to exist from the people who made those threads themselves and only find it again months later😭? When threads were added I was a little taken aback that it didn't allow you to set it perma-visible so I'd very much like to see this happen.


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