Clunky, inefficient, and visually unappealing UI



  • neo

    I also canceled my nitro subscription…

  • Zao

    Yeah, I’m about to cancel it before I head into work. Speak with your wallet!

  • Sayon

    One of the most annoying changes to navigation is being unable to swipe left to see active users in the server. Instead it tries to reply to what ever message you've swiped (a feature they previously tried and rolled back due to complaints). Now to see active users you have to go through menus to see this and they're no longer displayed in a nice vertical list but rather another menu with even more buttons at the top.

    Not to mention you can no longer type search filters (i.e. from:user, has:link, etc) but have to use the filter button to manually add them to your query. 

    I really don't understand the desire so many tech companies have to fix things that aren't broken.

  • kipbug

    Excellent points made here and I completely agree. The main functions of this app have become extremely difficult to use!

  • BlazingRaven495

    You do realize that Discord is using you as their “play tester” right? They don't have testers themselves lol

  • Zao

    BlazingRaven495 whats your point? 

    Is your point that because we are testers, we shouldn’t give feedback? Or that because they made a change, we should automatically like it?

    Not intending to be rude, but I don’t see any value in your comment- it’s not constructive or provided context in any valuable way towards a discussion. More of a statement fired off into the void, unable to respond to. 

  • BlazingRaven495

    Zao if they fix it, I'll eat my words, but yes. the latter is literally how discord thinks. “they will have no choice but to get used to it, just like every other UI update”

    they'll fix it to make it better but they wont go back to old UI. I mean, give feedback all you want. Just letting you know, discord doesn't give a shit about “if it isn't broke dont fix it.”

  • FG

    Whether is works or not I'll still take everyone flooding their support and this board to make make then nearly useless, and making the switch as much of a pain in the ass for them as we can, even if that's not much, over just letting them ruin it smoothly without issue. 

  • Zao

    Yup. Clearly the only way for us to voice our discontent is through these channels and social media. An overwhelming flood of “this is a really bad update” should get the point across. 

  • Jules

    Yeah it's ASS


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