Please provide an option to disable Custom Activity in voice channels.



  • Jayd243

    100% agree, especially with the privacy bit. It's stupid that it blasts that you're in a voice channel to all of your friends, even if those friends don't have access to that server. Complete invasion of privacy.

  • Jhall1430

    Privacy concerns aside, the decision to implement this new “experimental feature” (as Discord support refers to it as) without the ability to 

    A) disable the feature entirely

    B) configure it to not set a status upon joining a VC

    is an incredibly poor UX decision.

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely understand the use in this feature to signal when you're away, and can see myself using it for those purposes. Why on earth does Discord think that having a VC full of people that are all “Chilling TBH” is a good idea?

  • Citatus_Lingua

    The privacy concerns should have been taken a look at before implementation. Right now, it looks like *anyone* can see when someone joins a VC, because it defaults to a status and that is globally shown. That is broadcasting personal information to just about anyone without first asking for permission. Is that exact thing not illegal under GDPR?

  • Godspeed

    It also seems like channel statuses were hidden to make way for this update. You can still add or change the status but it doesn't seem to show anywhere.

  • bobby

    Agreed, a feature like this should be optional, it's a huge invasion of privacy to blast to everyone in every server that you're in a VC somewhere.

    It's not hard to make weird new features default to off, let people use them if they want but don't force everyone to be “chilling tbh” every single time they enter voice, it's insane

  • The Masked Gamer!

    The new "status" feature, as its currently implemented, is immensely frustrating and feels like a violation of my autonomy and privacy. There's no way to turn it off, it lists my current location to people without my permission, it "puts words in my mouth" without my ability to prevent it (I would literally *never* say "chilling tbh", its horribly cringy).

    ==> Give us a way to permanently turn this feature off. <==

    (And, for that matter, all new features should come with a way to turn them off out-of-the-box. If you're worried that everyone will just turn the new feature off, maybe you should take that as a hint, Discord?)

  • Cele


    1. Make it so we can show it globally, on a per-server basis, or disable it entirely. All three options.

    2. Please let us mute the chime that plays when you change it. That is loud. 

    3. Let us choose a default status in our settings to display so that it can be personalized, or show none until one is entered manually.

  • guardian715

    It is bad design to implement a new “feature” with no settings, shows private information, and no way to even set a default to off. 


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