The nitro refund policy is too strict.



  • Ianwaprice

    Discord needs to be sued. They have defrauded me by locking my account for no given reason. Just a vague “violated TOS or guidelines” statement, which I deny and could, if they would actually state what they think I did, prove I was not doing, would not do, and did not do. They think nobody will get together in a class action. They need to find they are wrong. They need to be hit so hard it takes money from the vulture capitalists who think they can use tech startups as interest farming shields against liability for the exploitative actions taken to return the profits they demand. It's a conspiracy of negligence.

  • Matveyka7032010

    Мне не возвращают деньги уже более недели, просто игнорят и всё, не знаю что делать

  • Euclid

    I'm going through the same thing right now with my son's Discord, I'm on disability because I have something called Cyclic Vomitting Syndrome so I spend days at time sick in bed. Yesterday was my first day out of bed when I got an alert that $139.01 was taken from my account for Nitro Yearly free trial renewal which I have never paid for before and haven't received a refund from Discord since 2022. I contacted support on the same day they charged me so I thought it would be simple and decent of them to refund me for the yearly and just charge me for monthly but they said no and then refused to talk to me afterwards and kept closing my case saying it was solved when it wasn't. Clearly they are taking advantage of their customers because most of them probably use their parents cards to purchase things. I am literally on the edge of a nervous breakdown because the money they took was from my rent money but I'm getting no reply from support anymore. There has to be something consumers can do because this isn't fair.


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