Classic Nitro needs improvements



  • Iireniaa

    ur right new features should come now i recently had to cancel my nitro subscription because of the price increase

  • azhtral

    Too expensive for zero value. They're paywalling features that should NOT be paywalled, such as making us pay to use OUR OWN emotes in OUR OWN DISCORD servers. 

  • takkun7635

    what i want for nitro classic is the ability to use stickers. i really only use nitro for emotes and for some reason basic is able to use stickers along with of course boost. but basic is not? 

    the benefit of classic is the  higher video streaming and animated avatars while basic can not, but that's hardly applicable for everyone. maybe meeting in the middle would be better, letting us also use stickers along with the avatars and video streaming while still being gatekept from the 100gb upload and server boosting that nitro boost provides.


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