Hey, the UI still sucks.



  • Michael

    Agreed. The new mobile UI feels like a bad joke.

  • Synth Pixel

    It feels like Discord is alienating their core/original audience. I felt like the old UI was, actually kinda useful for people like me who still prefer using their phone with one hand(the right way to use a phone). Then, like all of the good features of the platform they took it away :). This reminds me of the rise and fall of Skype if I'm being quite honest, and ironically…it all started with a simple UI update.

  • Spoonie337

    Using it on landscape mode/split screen or on a folding phone is impossible. Discord is the only App where it happens.

  • emma devid

    It seems Discord is losing touch with its original user base. The previous UI was particularly handy for one-handed mobile use, which many of us appreciate. Sadly, many beloved features have been stripped away. It's reminiscent of Skype's decline, which began with a UI update.





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