Can create one-answer polls



  • Ella Mains

    @smash karts Yes, it is possible to create one-answer polls in Discord. Open Discord and navigate to the channel where you want to create the poll. Type the command !poll followed by the question or statement you want to ask. For example: !poll Should we have a team outing this weekend? Discord will generate a poll with a single question and two options: Yes and No. Participants can then react to the poll message with the corresponding emoji to indicate their choice.

  • TheYolocast

    I wasn't asking for a tutorial. I was suggesting that the minimum number of response options should be 2.

  • bobbledbobby

    This doesn't affect you, though????

  • Tikepo

    I foresee that if they did that someone would complain that their niche server has a use for single answer polls. Just make a server rule that all polls must have at least 2 options and punish anyone who violates the rule. 


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