Change “APP” back to “BOT”



  • Dazanderofficials+4

    i up this, but in addition : ` BOT ` tag stays for bots installed in guild, while user-installed ones get the ` APP ` tag for clarification and distinguishing which of which exists within

  • bobbledbobby

    Replacing “app” with “bot”
    For example:

    We use the Labscore app for example. 
    We run a command of the app in the #general channel of a Discord server.

    The admins will get confused, because they never added the Labscore bot. It was just an user using a command of the app.

    So it should stay as it is, in my opinion.

    Add “App” Badge
    No, we shouldn't add more badges. There is the “Labscore” bot that is also an user app at the same time, so people will also get confused. Also, there's enough badges at it is.


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