Role Hierarchy Rework (Suggestion)



  • Blackjaguar1009

    I think this belongs in community

  • Metaisok
  • Fahadsaleem

    I completely agree with your suggestion for a Role Hierarchy Rework. Having a grid/graph layout for roles where each role is equal within its row would make managing permissions much more intuitive. This would especially benefit servers like yours and mine that have multiple branches of staff with equal but different roles and permissions. Implementing such a system would enhance organization and clarity, making it easier for administrators and moderators to understand and navigate the role structure without inadvertently granting or restricting permissions across different staff branches.

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  • Cora lisa

     Reworking the role hierarchy involves redefining the structure and relationships of roles within an organization to better align with its goals, objectives, and operational needs. organizations  preservation methods for jasmine flower can rework their role hierarchy in a strategic and systematic way, ensuring that roles are well-defined, aligned with organizational objectives, and supportive of employee growth and development.

  • Sattva Green Groves

    I agree with you.


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