Server Profile Options To Make Role Icon/Color Selection From Available Roles


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  • Angela Huey

    Hello, Zhea Evyline 


    To allow members to choose their display role color and icon in Discord, you can follow these steps:

    Server Settings: Server managers should access the server settings and navigate to the roles section.
    Role Permissions: Define which roles will have the option to be displayed by toggling the permission on for those roles. By default, this permission is off.
    Member Selection: Inform members that they can select their preferred role color and icon from their server profile, choosing from the roles they currently have.
    Implementation: Implement these changes and ensure that the server’s role hierarchy is set up correctly to allow for this customization.
    This feature is needed to give members more control over their identity within the server, especially when they are affiliated with multiple roles. It allows for a more personalized experience and helps members stand out with their chosen “primary” role.


    I hope my suggestion is helpful for you. If you want more details please tell me.


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