Make the new emoji suggestion feature under the chat box on mobile possible to toggle off



  • BP

    Seconding this. While this is far from the worst new feature to hit in the last year, it is visually distracting, takes up extra screen real estate, and is impossible to disable. All I need is an option to toggle this feature on and off. I understand some users may not be able to find the emoji picker, possibly because they are blind, or have never used emoji before. But for the rest of us, at least give us the option to hide the suggestions. 

  • snooters

    Yeah. This feature is really not something that I was plastered onto my screen. I have ADHD - I find this feature to be immediately distracting, making it difficult for me to communicate with anyone on mobile because my eyes are constantly being flicked down at the changing/dancing animated emoji below the chat bar. This is not only an ugly UI element, it's also an accessibility concern for the app. 


    Please make this feature opt-in, or at the very least at least let me turn it off.


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