Blocked messages should not be seen



  • Kio alien

    I agree with that that discord should delete the chat after blocking a person instead of just closing it and leaving massages to still be seen by both people. And I truly hope that discord adds this feature and starts the process of erasing messages and chats from people in your block list. 

  • SeriouslyIndifferent

    I agree with this, it drives me nuts. At least if you don't delete the message, DEFINITELY don't give me a Discord notification of any kind telling me there are new messages on a channel or a server and have it be just a message from a blocked person. I don't want to ever know a blocked person's chat exists, they are blocked for a reason. If you aren't going to give me the option to fully hide blocked people at least don't notify me.

    Words cannot express how little I want to see chat from blocked people, every other chat platform gets this right besides Discord for some reason.


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