Five Months in with the new Mobile UI



  • dalniente

    I use Discord pretty casually, so I cannot speak to all of this, but I am here to second everything you're saying about the layout rollback, with servers and DMs visible at the same time again. This is SO much better. The previous update added more screen taps for less information, truly a disaster of UX design. If Discord is indeed rolling it back, I will be overjoyed and finally stop looking for alternatives. 

  • Tasch

    Agreed. Having some differences better adapted for the device you're using makes sense (such as having the DMs separated from the servers in their own tab at the bottom, which is in easy reach of your thumb and more ergonomic when using mobile), but to take that away in the name of making it “more like the desktop app” while ALSO having all these other inconsistencies doesn't make any sense, and is making the user experience jarring and frustrating for us all.

  • Tojaw

    The issue isn't that DMs and servers were separate, it's that when you switch back, you are in the selection screen again. You should simply be able to switch back and forth (or maybe customize that) without having to select your last DM channel again.


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