Got my hacked account back after 3 months 🎉🎉



  • Masonportman46

    How? What did you do get it back? My account has been gone since November last year. I tried everything and still nothing 

  • Yasnaleilaji

    Oh sorry to hear that! It's an awful feeling NGL. How did you get it hacked?

  • Sketchlordish (tired)

    Congrats! Did you have to send multiple tickets? I’m on my 13th for my hacked account (hacked since about 2 months ago) which discord is adamant about not helping with and not elaborating why, despite the fact that people who scammed by the scammer using my account got their accounts back weeks ago.

  • Yasnaleilaji

    Hi sketch! Well I at first panicked and did send multiple ones but then the first one that I send was the only open ticket which I kept on putting as many information as I could. Like: how I got my account compromised? And every other information that could help the staff. The most important thing is to give them a brief information of how you got your account hacked and the right email before it was changed. 


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