New update in profile layout for everyone



  • LumberJak

    As with pretty much every random change for the past 5 years or so, why can't we just have a simple toggle box to select whether we want the new UI change or not? It would be so easy to please everyone if we could just choose what ‘features’ we want to use.

    Why do we constantly have to get a worse platform just because some junior dev needed to justify their paycheque?

  • nướcđá

    +1 , this to small, my potato pc res in 1920 x 1080 in 24 inch monitor look to small, i think it fine if your screen lower than 1024, and is that why new layout small like that, layout design guy used pc resolution smaller than 1024 x 768 resolution screen ?

    and this change is random, it affect to user ? i search and see it happen a month ago but not happen to me until now, some one screenshot to me layout not change too.

  • IMW

    I do see some value in the new layout, but personally, it makes my use of discord harder, as I need much more clicks to see all the info I need about someone.

    Really appreciate if you could make this an option in preferences. One of the things I really liked about discord when I joined was how a lot could be set up individually. now this is more and more lost. so please add some “advanced” options to personalize this

  • Northern_Lights

    I hate it so much cause when I want to see my account age in a server I can't unless i have a bunch of roles to click the “show full profile” especially when I have scammers and people stalking me I can't see when they joined the server or when they made their account.

    Even when I can click the “show profile” it's so inconvenient and slow like why did they change it? It's a complete downgrade and there's nothing in the settings that can bring back the old profile. I've been paying for nitro for 2 years and this will eventually drive me mad enough to cancel it.

  • Sayurineko

    Oh that's right, I was about to write a post about this new change in the user profile layout (in my country it was introduced only today) and to be honest, I'm really pissed off... now they've ruined everything. I spent a lot of time on my server with roles to make it look nice and configure them aesthetically. I created several special roles that were to be displayed in the profile in the appropriate arrangement and order, so that other roles were also arranged in a transparent way. It took a lot of effort and it was nice to look at people's full profiles. To get to the information you have to specially click "show full profile" or "view other roles", as mentioned above. Not only is it inconvenient, but they ruined the appearance of the entire profile on Discord. I'm also in favor of being able to return to the old profile layout xd or for the creators to throw away this crap...

  • sasasa

    please discord remove this update please

  • Fhaingeist

    Previously, you could see the notes you had made for a profile in a "small" profile/window (preview?) if you clicked once on the profile name on the left. Now these notes have disappeared from the small profile/window and I have to laboriously click on the three dots and then on "full profile" to see the "full profile". There is hardly more in this "full profile" than there was in the "small profile window" before. So what is supposed to be more complete about the full profile than the previous small one? The fact is: I now have to move the mouse twice more and click twice more to get to the same information that I already had without these two clicks. Which intern thought that up? Send him away, he should do something with wood or stones, but nothing with logic. And please give me the "small profile" back!

  • thewoody


    I would be okay with this being an optional toggle in settings, but the original display was SO MUCH MORE INTUITIVE.

    You've destroyed the role stylization many servers have done, you've demolished the sizing designs of peoples' “about me”s; just terrible.

    I've never been so immediately upset by a Discord change in my life.
    If this is not reverted, several hours of time I've ALREADY SPENT will be wasted, and I will need to spend more to change my roles to work with it.

  • m0rdas

    Big bump for this post!


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