Dyslexic and Visually Impaired Accessibility



  • InfinityDash

    Discord is the only app I can think of where this has been an issue for me. There's so little contrast between the background and text, I keep squinting my eyes thinking my eyesight is blurry. It's kind of crazy to find this thread, years old with thousands of votes, but there's still no basic "high contrast" theme or similar built into Discord. Or even just basic custom colors.

    And another issue I haven't seen mentioned: because there's so little contrast, if you try to use Discord over remote desktop like Teamviewer etc, the colors become all swamped and distorted because the compression blends the different shades of gray together. This isn't Discord's "fault" per se, but it just shows how poor the color choices are for a UI.Discord is the only app I've seen this happen with to this extent. Attached pic is what Discord actually looks like for me right now over remote desktop.

  • ZaCloud

    WOW! Apparently my vote for this topic was removed & I was Unfollowed! No wonder the vote count grew so slowly since then! How many more people may be unaware that this has happened? Who knows! Rather than EVER address this glaring accessibility issue, Discord is actively removing our votes! Trying to downplay how overwhelmingly NECESSARY it is for us to be allowed to make the app readable!

    All these years later, they STILL won't even have the courtesy to say they'll AT LEAST THINK about it. They STILL have several dark gray emoji variants (which would show up decently on a pure black background), but they still won't let us SET a pure black background or match our phones custom themes, so those emojis are practically invisible! (Spider, TM symbol, the symbols that say "Back" "Top" "Soon", etc). Why make them specifically dark gray so they still show up on a pure black background as if you long ago planned to have one... Yet still NOT have the option for a pure black background, instead using almost the exact same shade of dark gray?!

    If you're stubbornly staying this way, then AT LEAST make those emojis black so they show up, lol! (But no, I'd rather have black background!)

    Please, guys! We've got OLED screens, being able to have pure black would help us save battery & extend our screens' lifetimes, & some of us NEED the contrast (Myself included)!

    And we NEED to be able to use custom, or at VERY LEAST 1-3 community-voted dyslexic-friendly fonts (Myself included; I don't have that specifically, but I did recently develop a disorder that causes similar misinterpretation of text. I was voting for this back before I even had it, & now that I do, it's all the more jarring that the options are STILL not available!)

    It's for more than just dyslexic people; text is harder to read if you have depression (WAY more of us do now, due to the pandemic, I've got that too) since it takes energy that the body is less able to give; fibromyalgia (me!), lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, & the new "long-Covid" (due to brain fog & low energy), ADHD (hard to maintain focus if too much effort is needed, plus many of us have ocular issues like diploid vision, I've got that too!); chronic pain (it's difficult to focus since pain signals take up a lot of the brain's bandwidth, I would know cuz I've got that too!); & many people with developmental disabilities like Williams Syndrome (my sister) or Down Syndrome; & some people with Autism.

    & that's not even getting into the many, many eye problems out there, with either the eyes themselves, or how the brain interprets what the eyes see. As well as other brain disorders concerning language processing (me now!).

    How many social experiences on Discord must I, & countless others with those conditions & more, miss in these short lives we have that we can't rewind? Before you guys finally care enough to make the platform work for as many people as possible?

    With just THREE TINY CHANGES, you could change MILLIONS of lives for the better! & it's so simple! I'm sure there are countless hobbyist programmers out there who could cook up the solution within 20 minutes (then maybe another hour to clean it up & get it compatible with the majority of devices). Give me 3 hours & maybe I can figure it out myself! Or you guys, who have access to the code & are experts, could take half an hour (if the UI structure has decently optimized code. If not, it'll take longer, but then we all could mutually benefit from optimization in terms of maintenance & performance alike) & just do it!

    Why wait around for an arbitrary, unspoken magic number of votes (while sabotaging it so it'll never reach it), when just plain common sense & human decency should've be enough to get y'all to make this change the moment you saw an unfilled need?!

    Font chooser (either any fonts we have downloaded, or a limited custom list of your choosing but with community input), color chooser for said fonts (or highlighter/background color if it can't be applied to certain text like server roles), & ability to either choose pure black background (Lights-out or black-out mode), or a slider so we can choose how dark it is (& it can go down to zero for pure black).

    Code it. Create elements if needed. Make it easily scalable & simple to apply to most configurations (hex code for coloring, separate elements like title bars & menu sections if they aren't already so they can freely resize with the fonts as needed). Apply to UI, with user-defined options per element. Beta test period. Roll it out. That's it.

    There'd even be a LOT MORE votes if someone hasn't been apparently removing them... & if more people even knew about this forum. & if you merged in duplicate threads (though it's clear that y'all do NOT even maintain this section anymore, it's full of junk posts & spam, it's VERY apparently abandoned so of course why bother posting here if it'll be buried in the junk?). AND OF COURSE, more people would vote if they could see that their votes actually COUNT. But it's REALLY becoming clear that they don't. So people are just taking one look at this top long-neglected thread, seeing that all these years later the need has never been fixed, & moving on, figuring what's the point?

    Please help us use Discord, Discord peeps. Please help us see. If mIRC on PC circa 1999 or so could do it... Why can't you in 2022?


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