Update Discords Source Emojis to Twemoji 11.0




  • Vanished

    Discord is not allowed to use custom emojis on their app on iOS. It's because Apple does not allow that. If Discord implements the Twitter emojis into the app, they will be probably banned from the App Store and Discord will be deleted from the Store. However, Google Play does not have such rules, they give more freedom to the developers.

  • conormurphy

    They just need to update the emojis on the web version

  • Pascal

    @Vanished I doubt that is true because there are several apps that do that too. For example Skype uses their own emojis.

  • sawayoshi

    Discord goes off of Apple's emoji list on iOS and Twitter's "twemoji" list on every other device; you'd have to go to one of those to get that implemented. Unfortunately, Discord can't do anything about this without spending countless hours building the emoji system from the ground up.

  • EVAN
    We need every single one of those 157 new emojis :/
  • Vico

    So.. staff isnt really interested in update such basic funcionality? If is troublesome why then let OS render them (dont know about Linux, but Windows 10 have Segoe UI Emoji with a more updated range) - or a least a option to tweak between twemoji <> OS rendering

  • Tiger
    Thats not up to discord, its up to twitter to provide discord with the emojis
  • Mark

    That's incorrect. Twemoji graphics are licensed under CC-BY 4.0. If they follow the requirements of that license they should be in the clear for using the newer emojis.

  • NewAlexandria

    This is an awful emoji set.  I hate every system that I see using it.  Lord please ignore this one over more meaningful, real features that are missing.  (like threads!)

  • Nicofisi

    > This is an awful emoji set.  I hate every system that I see using it.  Lord please ignore this one over more meaningful, real features that are missing.  (like threads!)

    Thing is, this should only take a moment to implement

  • UpperJeans

    "This is an awful emoji set. I hate every system that I see using it."

    Except that isn't what this suggestion is about. It isn't suggesting a switch to Twemoji; Discord already uses it. It's just asking that Discord update it to the current version rather than use this three-year old version.

    "Lord please ignore this one over more meaningful, real features that are missing."

    I'd consider the inability to properly communicate between different platforms to be meaningful and real. When you send an emoji Discord doesn't recognize, different platforms will see different images because the developers have chosen to do sweet fa to fix the minute problem. Assuming they were smart about how they programmed in their original emoji, all it would take is copying the names and images for all the new ones.

    "(like threads!)"

    Yeah, hijacking a thread to promote your own idea is not how you succeed in getting it.

  • DippyFreeze

    hi sir roberts! how does it feel to see your group represented every time you turn on the tv?

  • ihavenotfallenyet

    You don't need one, there is no straight pride flag.

  • Dann™

    Yeah, I would love to see this as well.

  • UpperJeans

    The version in 12.1 now. Discord is 10 major versions behind.

  • olivia // chew

    Um, no, just 4.


    Discord supports the use of emoji via shortcodes that are displayed as images from Twemoji. Native emojis inserted are also converted to shortcodes and displayed with images where supported.

    As of August 2018, Discord's emoji support is limited to Emoji 3.0 (2016).

    Note: There were no version of Emoji 6.0-10.0. A decision was made in 2017 to align Emoji version numbers with their respective Unicode versions, starting with version 11.0.

  • Dapperlad1

    This is a cause worthy of song and legend.

  • Korbosan

    Discord I'll give you a cola if you make this a thing.

  • duranoar

    I think this is a great idea! 

  • OldMightyFriendlyGamer

    Sometimes you just have to flip a table. 


  • NoMercies
    /tableflip exists on desktop
  • Mastermind

    I'm asking for emoji, not text.

  • advaith

    Once discord updated the twemoji support in the canary (alpha) build but they reverted it in the next update.

  • Eppela

    This doesn't sell nitro so devs don't care :)

  • advaith

    The funny thing is I legit made a set of nitro emote servers just for this lol, so you have a point

  • Okay dude, server folders are cool but not at all what i really wanted please update the god forsaken emojis please it really isn't that hard i can do it if you want me to please just do it.

    Or at least comment and tell us WHY YOU WONT.

  • Delol

    We need these emoji! When we are on our Mac & iPhone we have a lot of emoji then we use them and Discord makes them hideous (the vomit 🤮 emoji looks horrible on desktop Windows, same for 🤷🏻‍♂️ for examples)

  • Conner
  • Liarus

    I somewhat agree, but if that's done , shouldn't all sates of the US be added as well ? that sounds like a very big number of emotes to add...

  • advaith

    @Liarus if you want new emoji, you need to submit them to Unicode


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