Epilepsy-users support



  • Blastoise186
    This is something I'd appreciate as those GIFs can cause headaches. Maybe also extend it to Emoji and it would be awesome!
  • Permanently deleted user
    A great idea, love it! I like it because Ik my friends will be more safe and they don't have to worry about randoms trying to cause seizures in other people. And like blastoise said, extend it to emotes, and that would be golden!
  • Blastoise186
    After a few more thoughts. I think that auto-detection would be the best way to go here - relying on a user to tick a box saying "this is a flashy GIF" would be potentially unreliable. I also personally think that the default for the toggle should be enabled unless I decide to disable it, which would improve the effectiveness of this feature.
  • Raptor3890

    Good idea. There are some people who are just heartless and torture people who go on discord who have epilepsy. My IRL friend suffers from epilepsy and he once had a seizure from this kind of flashy gif on discord.

  • sgtlion

    Settings -> Text & Images -> Display Images Videos and Lolcats

    You disable auto-play gifs, or stop any images/videos from displayed automatically, and even stop animated emoji.

    Genuine question: What more do epileptic users need?

  • Blastoise186
    This would be an absolutely brilliant addition to Discord! Not only for users with Epilepsy but also for anyone who isn't keen on the HyperFlashy Emoji, Reactions, Avatars and GIF's can hide just those ones while keeping the non-flashy ones available. Making this a setting which is Enabled by Default but can be turned off if desired would be a great way to handle this. Making the setup work this way would automatically help protect users who might be affected by flashing images, but still allow someone to break through if they wanted to, so it'd still cater for users who like HyperFlashy stuff. If the ability to temporarily unblock a specific image was made available, I would definitely provide some way to instantly undo that and re-block in one click. In all cases, a heads-up with a "Flashy Content Warning" and the option to back out without showing the image would definitely be appreciated.
  • Zacatero
    I agree! Great idea.
  • Jennifer

    The option to disable animated emojis does not turn off animated avatars. Personally, I'd like a separate option to turn off animated avatars, especially since they only animate while hovered over, when I accidentally hover over one it freaks me out. Especially when I'm typing and my mouse drifts and suddenly there is movement. I really wish there was even just a frame limiter on the animated things so you can't have ones that flash around so fast it gives you a headache, but you can have slowly moving ones. I enjoy the slow ones.

  • cj

    I don't have epilepsy but do find some emojis to really hurt my eyes. Having an option like this would definitely reduce the amount of complaining I would need to do in servers.

  • G-Man

    Discord should be more careful about it. They should bring a feature that marks emotes as epilepsy-trigger so epilepsy people could disable them for good.

  • Cheesy

    Settings ->  Text & Images -> Show emoji reactions on messages.

    Settings ->  Text & Images -> Play animated emoji



  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    I liked this suggestion, too. Take an upvote from me.
  • thetechguy
    this is a great idea and i think discord should implement this.
  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    Agreed with the comment have done before me. So, gonna upvote this as well.
  • Tsuchimursu

    It's great that we can disable animated emoji, but for some reason it does not affect reactions?
    please would you already either add a similar option for the reactions or just lump them into the same category as emojis.
    the reactions can be just as flashy when they fill the whole screen....

  • Maverick Wolfe

    Upvoted, I think there should be a special disability feature that allows us to freeze animations. Telegram allows you to do it, so why shouldn't we have this in Discord? This should be a priority one feature as there are thousands of people in the world that use computers that have seizures of many types. Epileptic's aren't the only ones with seizures that can be effected by this, there's people that have motion sensitivity as well. that might get headaches or blurry vision with stuff. Disabling all animations and such isn't much of a workaround as it only keeps videos from auto playing. This wouldn't be too hard of an addition to that feature to insert into the code as an individual option.

  • Ryan snomos

    i dont think it would be hard for them to just add a "block emotes" button and just have them froze or just blacked out even as a short turm... so meany servers use flashy stuff and thats cool and all till it hurts someone 

  • meme man

    hey i noticed from recent posts from you that you are now actually part of the discord team (congrats!) and i wanted to ask, will you try/did you try to get this feature to be a part of discord? because at the moment it still isnt and even for someone like me who doesnt have epilepsy those flashy gifs, avatars, and emotes hurt the eyes alot and can cause a headache, and for people who do have epilepsy they can cause seizures, i know there is a motion reduction mode but it kind of just entirely disables all animated things instead of disabling the ones that are actually a problem. 

  • jhook

    I feel this topic comes up in a lot of channels across discord. With many communities attempting to create guidelines of a sort to avoid potential triggers. For instance, uploading the gif and tagging as a spoiler. The downside to this is the gifs don't really play the same and don't look as good for those who do want to see them. I feel like after 3 years of asking for an easy spoiler toggle on gifs we should have something that works for everyone. I, and many others, would just like to post gifs that make people laugh while at the same time NOT giving them harmful seizures. A simple 'spoiler' toggle, please and thank you.

  • Tsuchimursu

    @jhook they finally added a "reduced motion" option in the behaviour tab, it should help to the needed extent. I'm quite happy with how it works.
    Leaving this here so all that complained will get notifications and notice the new setting :)


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