change font size mobile app




  • Zane

    Discord staff doesn't read these threads, despite the board being made for this purpose. It's very evident, or they'd have acknowledged one of the many requests people have made. There's no point in asking for anything. You either have to live with it being the way it is or use something else. It's been years and I've never seen them make a fix people asked for unless it was such a huge problem that it caused backlash by the general public on a large scale. These threads go by unnoticed, and the staff will never do anything no matter how much you spam, harass, beg, or threaten.

  • Mello

    As far as i know, this feature has already been implemented on android, have a look-see here:
    i'm not too sure about iOS however cuz i don't have an iOS device

    Also staff cant always respond on everything, they have a huge service to manage anyways c:

  • [IPA] Markas

    That is the actual issue Mello. If they can implement a font size adjustment on Android, why not on iOS, and why wouldn't they just do it simultaneously? 

  • francrubio(2)

    Guys, this is solved on Android, but still a problem on iOS.

    Please, follow the link, and like, RT , comment, in order to let Discord know that we need it (and is nothing SPECIAL!)



  • JitterTed

    It would help so much if they used a font on iOS that wasn't so darn thin! If it was a thicker font, then it wouldn't be so bad. But forcing us iOS users to make every other font on the device bigger just so I can read Discord is not great.

  • mcsneedy

    the text in the ios app is really absurdly small and the contrast (light or dark appearance) is poor - must be completely unusable for anyone with vision impairment


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