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  • kokoilie

    Also please make custom text before some of them, for example  "playing wallpaper engine" doesn't make sence because it's not a game (why does it even register as one in the 1st place?) it will make more sence if it says "browsing in wallpaper engine". That way you can add more apps... would be interesting to see "modelling in autodesk maya"

  • megannnjay
    In User Settings > Privacy & Safety, do you by any chance have `Use Data to Customize My Experience` off? That aside, being able to like right click on a game news article we don't like and have the option to "Not Show News From This Game" or something
  • extin

    I understand, but I don't want Discord to collect this info.

  • Falcon911Gamer

    Same here.  Just looking for a way to see by lets say what percentage or even the count of what players are currently playing. Not just your friends, but the whole server. I have live, a list of players that's 2,000 members large on some days and in order to get a better understanding of the game or applications they play/use. I would like to have an option to either filter or see a list that's live on my server details or Server settings area. That way I can adjust to when my members are playing or even try to have them link up with other players vs scrolling down a list.

  • username
    You can already do this. Go into User Settings > Activity Feed and unfollow the game(s).
  • acrd10

    how do i play games


  • acrd10


    my REAL question  plus this is REALLY SHORT!

  • megannnjay

    Unless you purchased the game through Discord, Discord no longer has a universal launcher. If you bought games through Discord, then this blog post should be able to direct you to where those games are located now.

  • cora

    What if you've tried so many things and researched for almost an hour and cant figure out where to get the games tab because its not showing up on you screen (computer and mobile)?

  • rana shahbaz

    If you want any game which is best for your mobiles and tabs than Pubg is the best option for you.





  • Muhammad Haseeb

    Most of the people loved to play racing games but couldn't find them on discord. You can use Discord's screen sharing feature to show your phone's screen on your computer and play mobile games while others watch and interact through Discord chat or voice channels. Like If you want to play Carx Street 0.9.1 Mod APK You can use this option and share your gameplay with other in your server on discord.

  • maha sheikh

    If you want are board with you old games and want new game you are got to google game paly and explore new games


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